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Why Is My Hair Frizzy All Of A Sudden? [Facts]

Why is my hair frizzy all of a sudden

It is very common that without any explanation frizz appears in our hair. This makes us wonder why is my hair frizzy all of a sudden.

Asking this question is very appropriate because if we manage to answer it you can avoid some of the causes that may be causing this effect.

The main reason why is your hair frizzy all of a sudden is due to the humidity of the environment you are in. It may also be due to the outermost layer of the hair called the cuticle. This layer is made up of tiny scales that if not lubricated and nourished begin to lift causing frizz. This can occur suddenly or develop gradually.

Other causes can also cause this to happen from one moment to the next. In this article, I will tell you the most common and identifiable ones.

Some are caused by our habits and actions, others are from the environment that we do not control.

Is feeling my hair frizzy all of a sudden normal?

There are several reasons why this can happen especially if you have changed your washing routine. It can also affect a lot if the weather has changed or you frequent places where there are certain types of conditions in the air.

In addition to this, some are due to specific actions both in the salon and other natural actions that you do at home regularly. Many of these may be innocent mistakes but may require immediate action. When they are not addressed quickly it will simply worsen the feeling of frizzy hair all of a sudden or think Why Is My Hair Frizzy?

To know What Causes Frizz we must understand that our hair can react with water particles in the environment. It can also interact in different ways with certain products and can also become sensitive to them.

That’s why knowing and solving this question can help you take better care of your hair and correct actions to help it heal. Above all to prevent the problem that starts with frizzy hair all of a sudden from progressing in the future.

Why do I feel my hair frizzy all of a sudden?

If you’re feeling this, you’re not just imagining it, it’s completely real and has its reasons. Frizz can appear suddenly or gradually. When it happens suddenly it is more likely to be due to recent actions. Some are completely out of our control but others are due to specific actions that we can clearly identify them.

I will list the most common ones that cause this sudden effect. There are probably more but I will give you the easiest ones to identify.

The most common reasons why your hair is frizzy all of a sudden are:

  1. Humidity
  2. Heat damage
  3. Chemical damage

Knowing these 3 you will be able to easily identify if the frizz is caused by something specific or a clear action of damage. When you see each one you will be able to know a better picture. This will help you to take immediate action if it is damaged so that it does not continue to progress and you recover your hair as soon as possible.

#1 Humidity

The reason Why Does Humidity Make Hair Frizzy is that water makes a chemical reaction to the chemical composition of your hair. Humidity in the environment is water, and water contains hydrogen.

This is important because hair internally has something called hydrogen bonds, which help to maintain the shape of the hair (either smooth or curved). The electrostatic charges of the particles play a very interesting role in frizz. Water is attracted to hair and when it comes in contact with it, destroys hydrogen bridges. This causes the hair to lose its former shape, so any hairstyle will be eliminated as soon as the water touch it. This is where the frizz appears.

We can find humidity almost everywhere in the environment. We can also find it in the steam from a shower, in a kitchen, or a restaurant. You can suffer from frizz if you enter a place where there is steam. This can happen at home if you enter the bathroom after the shower has been used. The humidity from the steam will also affect your hair even if it has been minutes after the faucet has been turned off. I recommend that you avoid entering this type of environment if your hair has already been styled.

To help you avoid humidity that makes your hair frizzy my professional recommendation is to apply a styling wax after styling your hair.

#2 Heat damage

Another cause of why is my hair frizzy all of a sudden is because the outer layer of the hair has been damaged or weakened. This can be caused by using high-heat tools without protection. Also if they are used on humid hair they can cause an immediate opening of the cuticles.

High heat is one of the reasons this can happen. When you don’t dry your hair completely and a little moisture is left in the hair it can cause problems. A very characteristic sound is that when you pass the iron or curling iron see is heard as a sound like frying in a pan. Or it indicates that there was water so it evaporated on contact with the soles here to that of goal to that of the hot tool.

If this has happened to you recently that’s why you feel the sudden frizzy hair. That is very damaging to the hair because you are removing all the moisture that the hair has in a very aggressive way. It’s like there’s electrification and that’s why the cuticles that I’m talking about are left open. This translates into the way you feel and you may wonder Why My Hair Is So Poofy. This is a clear sign that frizz has appeared. It is also the Cause Of Split Ends.

#3 Chemical damage

Another reason why is your hair frizzy all of a sudden is when there is damage that occurs more deeply and this is commonly caused by chemical products that sensitize the cuticles, wear them down and generate this damage. With this, you will feel your hair rough and tangled and there will likely be split ends.

Certain chemicals cause this effect when not used properly. For example bleach, straighteners, perms, and even shampoos contribute to wear and weaken the cuticles. This could be for example that the soap contained in the shampoo. It can be too aggressive and will cause the hair to be damaged.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with this is improper washing. When you rub your hair aggressively it can have this same effect. That’s why I recommend that you know How To Wash Your Hair Properly and avoid making certain mistakes that can cause intensify this effect.

Chemical damage is very common and we rarely pay proper attention to it until frizz or other related problems appear. I highly recommend you take a look at What To Do After Bleaching Hair so you can repair it. These solutions will also help you if you have permed or straightened your hair depending on the depth of damage.


With all this information I hope you can quickly identify what is causing your hair frizzy all of a sudden.

I also highly recommend that if you have noticed that after any color effect or chemical treatment you have this symptom. Don’t wait any longer and start treating it with The Best Treatment For Dry Hair. In case it is due to chemical damage apply Hair Treatment For Damaged Hair.

Applying treatments as soon as possible is what will stop the damage and start recovering. If you don’t, the frizz problems will get worse and you will end up with breakage.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you again soon.