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Why Is My Hair So Poofy? [facts + solutions]

Hair has many reactions to the weather and other habits. Sometimes it just dawns differently and makes us wonder why is my hair so poofy.

It’s normal for this question to come up because it’s a reality that this happens and you’re no stranger to asking it. In fact, this happens to many people and it is due to several factors. Some are very simple and others are not so simple.

The main reason Why Is My Hair So Poofy is because you have frizz in your hair. The poofy effect is a symptom of frizz. You can feel it as soon as you wake up or it can appear right when you leave the house. This happens most of the time because there is humidity in your hair or because the cuticles around the hair are erotic.

This can be caused by different habits you are doing. Also because your hair has been needing certain nutrients for a while and this is just a symptom to let you know.

In this article, I will tell you the most common causes of why you may be experiencing this. Best of all, know that there is a solution and that if you pay attention and take action you can fix it.

Why my hair is so poofy suddenly?

You may have many ideas about this topic and not know why this is happening to you. Don’t worry because it’s simpler than it seems. The main reason why your hair is so poofy is that you have frizz. That feeling of having it fluffier than normal is the same as having frizz.

Usually, frizz is caused by humidity in the environment or water in other places and your hair has absorbed it. I say this is the main reason because there may be other reasons why your hair is like this. However, it is the most common and the one that independently if there is another deeper reason can also trigger the same effect.

The reason why water causes such a poofy effect in my hair or Why Is My Hair Frizzy is because water molecules are made up of hydrogen and oxygen. By a chemical reaction, they are attracted to the molecules inside our hair by an electrostatic force.

When water touches our hair it breaks bridges called hydrogen bridges in our hair and forms new ones. These bridges are the ones that hold the temporary shape of our hair. So what happens is that new bridges are formed and they are simply held in place by the electrostatic force. That’s why it just looks poofy because it’s the hair as if it’s electrified.

You can even feel it very tangled when you want to run your hand through it. In the body, we have a lot of positive and negative energy charges. Also, the hair and water in the air can cause this in you.

To help you detect this more clearly I will tell you where you can notice this happening and in which cases.

What can make my hair so poofy?

Several things may be making you think why is my hair so poofy? I already told you a little bit above that it has everything to do with frizz. Now I want to tell you a little more about what can be causing that effect and What Causes Frizz.

A moment ago I mentioned how water has a lot of power in our hair. I only talked about the water that is in the environment, but there are other ways in which it manifests itself creating the same effect.

So I’ll break it down into 3 ways your hair is so puffy:

  • Worn Cuticles
  • Damage
  • Humidity

In these three main categories, you will notice that they all generate the same thing but the problem comes from different areas. However, if you pay attention to each one and identify where your problem is coming from you can correct it.

Let’s look at each one…

#1 Worn Cuticles

Cuticles are in the outermost layer of the hair. They are what protect our hair by enveloping it to protect it from external damage. These cuticles look like fish scales when viewed under a microscope. I see them as the ancient armor that simulated the shell of a turtle or dragon skin.

These cuticles have the mission to protect the hair. When they are healthy they wrap it perfectly and protect it from dust, sun, and any simple agent in the air. To do this job they need to be lubricated and nourished with lipids and sebum that the follicle itself produces. However, many times our habits deteriorate this lubrication. When they don’t have the proper lubrication they start to lift in search of nutrients.

Unfortunately, when they rise they begin to lose the ability to absorb moisture and become more porous. When this happens there will be more friction between them and that is when frizz or the puffy effect in your hair appears.

In fact,t it looks very similar to the one caused by water but unlike that, it is at deeper levels and can continue to deteriorate if you don’t fix it. That’s why you must pay attention to these signs so that they don’t continue to progress. I recommend you to see The Best Treatment For Dry Hair so you can eliminate this dryness as soon as possible and prevent it from progressing.

#2 Damage

Another reason why your hair is so poofy is that there is damage to your hair. Just as I explained about worn cuticles there is a deeper step that is a Cause Of Split Ends. This happens when there was not enough nutrition and the cuticles have become so worn that they open. This always starts at the tip because it is the area that is furthest away from where the hair receives nutrition. From there the damage starts to escalate and you can find Tree Split Ends.

This will undoubtedly make your hair feel puffy and very tangled. This is because it will create the same chain of dryness as before and it will get stuck with other hair that is the same. That’s why the effect is getting wider and wider because there are more hairs affected by this effect.

One of the reasons this can happen is because of chemical damage, for example, Bleaching Your Hair Damage It or Highlights Damage Hair, it is important to take care of it during these processes so that this does not happen to you.

In addition to this, other things can also cause this damage that causes frizz and therefore puffy hair. Heat damage is very common to happen because we overdo it with the temperatures. As I explained in the previous point, cuticles are lifted by dryness. High temperatures overdry the hair and that’s why they have the same effect but much deeper.

Preventive Advice

Styling your hair with heat tools can dry hair. Make sure you always use a heat protectant and use it correctly. This will solve one of the questions What Causes Frizzy Hair? Even if you have had a keratin treatment. Hair Still Frizzy After Keratin Treatment can also be due to damage to the cuticles and therefore leave split ends. Another damaging factor is Chlorine On Bleached Hair Cause Damage after the summer in the pool.

To help you fix this I recommend you check out What To Do After Bleaching Hair. Also, Hair Treatment For Damaged Hair so you can immediately fix this problem to prevent further damage.

Damaged hair does not recover on its own or over time. You have to give it the proteins it has lost and rebuild the bonds that form its structure. So if you want to recover and avoid breakage is that you must give immediate attention.

#3 Humidity

At this point, I want to go a little more in-depth about some things that answer the question of why is my hair so poofy. In the first topic, I talked to you about Why Humidity Make Hair Frizzy and why it causes the same effect of looking poofy.

Here I want to reaffirm that humidity is one of the biggest enemies of styled hair. This is because you can get this poofy effect after hours of styling. The water in what we call humidity is responsible for destroying our hairstyles.

In addition to this, I want you to know that there are some habits that we do without thinking that can be causing this poofy effect without realizing it. Due to the same humidity, we may be causing this.

One of the clearest acts where this happens is when showering at night. When you get home tired and think about relaxing to sleep peacefully and take a shower it seems like a great idea. It is, but if you don’t dry your hair 100% the next day your hair will likely feel so poofy that you might not be able to style it.

Another thing that happens is going into a bathroom that has steam. Even if you don’t consciously get it wet the steam is water and will have the same effect. Additionally cooking or being in a kitchen where it is cooking for several minutes will cause the vapors to stay in your hair and therefore you will have the same poofy hair effect that you may want to go in and comb your hair again.

My intention with this information is for you to notice where there might be steam, water, or humidity in the environment and avoid these places. This will avoid this effect and you will not suffer from messy hairstyles.


Feeling your hair so poofy can be very frustrating if it happens before you go to work or before you leave for an important appointment. That’s why knowing what’s causing it can help you avoid it.

As you saw in this article I have put the 3 most common ways that can be giving you that effect. Then you can take the necessary actions depending on what is causing the problem.

Many times this problem can go unnoticed because it doesn’t seem serious. However, as you have seen, it may be caused by earlier, more serious problems that need attention. This so poofy hair can be just a symptom of several months of damage and if not taken care of can turn into broken ends and thinning hair.

I recommend that you don’t let it go and analyze what is causing this to happen to your hair. If you have recently had a chemical treatment, highlights, or balayage and you are wondering Will Balayage Damage My Hair. You should answer those questions until you know if you need to change your wash routine and simply avoid humidity.

I hope this information can help you find the answer and if not maybe you can find it in another article on the home page. Here I try to give you the most specialized information based on my experience with thousands of clients. I know that it has worked for them to act at the right time and use the right products. As long as they are consistent and precise it works very well for them.

I hope it can help you too.

Greetings and see you next time.