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Why Is Box Dye Bad For Your Hair? [The Reality]

Why Is Box Dy Bad For Your Hair? [The Reality]

Box dyes are very tempting because they are easy to get and seem to have everything you need in one box. This can make you wonder, why box dye is bad for your hair?

Advertising and commercials for these products promise effortless miracles and spectacular color for any hair type, at an extremely affordable price. But the reality can be very different.

Box dye is not good for your hair because of the ingredients it uses, which are usually low quality since its general price is very low. This makes them more aggressive with the scalp and hair. Also, since it is already pre-mixed, it can compromise the result and the appearance of the hair in ways that are not mentioned in the instructions.

There are several reasons why it is better not to use box dye to keep your hair cared for and with less harsh chemicals.

In this article, I will show you why it is better to have other options before using this type of dye and the main reasons.

Why Is Box Dye Bad For Your Hair?

There are several reasons why I do not consider it a good option. One of them is the quality of the ingredients, they have low qualitty because the total cost of the box is quite cheap. When something is cheap, the quality of the ingredients cannot be very high and that is why it is not the best idea.

In the hair, you have to invest a little more to have good results. Besides that, the skin will be in contact with the product for at least 30 minutes. Poor quality dyes can cause allergies or irritations.

On the other hand, the reliability of the results is not high for the reason that the colors are very generalized and also confusing. Below I will put the 3 most important so that you have more information and thus build your own opinion.

Common Reasons Box Dye Is Bad For Your Hair

Reasons why box dye is badfor you hair.

There are several reasons why it is better not to choose one of these products. With time the market has expanded more and it is usually quite confusing because the number of options is overwhelming. Don’t worry, here is the answer.

The main reasons are:

  1. Low quality ingredients
  2. Unclear results
  3. The color will not last

These 3 are the most common reasons, and with that, we will cover 90 percent of the cases. They are all related to each other. Knowing all this information you will see that it creates a better view about the products. With this, you can choose what you want and the best for your hair.

#1 Low Quality ingredients

As in everything depending on how much is invested is the quality of the products that is returned. In the case of supermarket dye boxes, they are always low cost and with ingredients that are usually more aggressive. More aggressive ingredients make the hair suffer more and dry out more.

Although it is true that every time the boxes say more things like they do not have parabens. Or that they are made with natural ingredients, the reality is different. The ingredients they use may be what they say however they do have others that are still aggressive.

The dyes must open the cuticles to make their way to the cortex and that is where they do their action of changing the melanin of the hair within the cortex.

All products that work at the level of the cortex are invasive and tend to sensitize the hair. If, in addition, they are low quality products, they do not leave the hair balanced as other good quality dyes do. Which invest in adding proteins and pH balancers.

Box dyes can contain high levels of ammonia and heavy metals due to their low quality. These can create irritation and allergic reactions on the skin. To learn more about allergies to dyes you can see more in that article.

#2 unclear results

Another reason why the box dye is bad for your hair is because the results are unclear and uncertain. Many times using a box dye results in time-consuming and not achieving the result you want. Advertising make it look easy and perfect on results but they give an equal oxidant level and a high volume for everybody. This can cause a lot of variation on the final color.

In colorimetry it is very important to be exact in order to have a good result. The formulation of the product has to be exact and personalized because each person has different circumstances. Such as the natural color of your hair, the thickness and the previous cosmetic colors that you have applied before.

Usually when there is natural root growth and the rest is dyed. 2 different oxidants must be applied to avoid damaging the hair. This is basic to protect the cuticles and avoid over-oxidizing the hair. This is not what box dyes do. In addition to the instructions and the results images are very confusing and usually not accurate.

When you use something that was not for your hair and you have a bad result, it usually costs you much more in time and money to correct that color. That is why I suggest that you always go with your trusted stylist because the application is also important and when someone does it to you, you can be sure that they have not missed any uncovered areas.

There are some tricks that you can apply to have better results applying the box dye. However, my best advice is to use better quality dyes than those in the super market.

#3 The color will not last

For the same reason that we talk about low quality, the duration of these dyes is also affected and the coverage of the color itself. Especially in gray hair one can distinguish when it has had a good coverage. A few days later you will notice how the color weakens under the sun and begins to look translucent or directly white.

Also, the reflections they contain always tend to be warm and quickly oxidize into shades such as orange, red and yellow. This becomes very annoying if what you want is a neutral tone and without this type of reflections. In addition to realizing that the time you invested in applying it, rinsing it and combing it. Only to realize a week later it’s time to dye again. This can be disappointing and stressful.

Investing in a good trustworthy site that uses good products will definitely help you achieve long-lasting results that take care of your hair and meet your needs.

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The reasons and causes that I have already put here are what I think are the most common and easy to notice. As you can see, they are related to each other almost by the quality of the ingredients that generate other problems. They can be annoying and worrying, as well as frustrating because of the time you spend dyeing and then not achieving the result you expected.

Sometimes it is well worth waiting a bit and investing in a salon where you feel comfortable and where you can see that they are professionals using quality products. With this you will be calmer to have a good result and even in less time. In addition to that you make sure that it lasts at least 28 washes that a professional product promises. Always remember to use the correct shampoo. With this your investment is protected and also your time.

I hope this has helped you to have a broader vision of why box tint is not good and helps you make the decision that makes you feel more comfortable.
Until next time.