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How often should you use purple shampoo [facts]

How often should you use purple shampoo

If you are wondering how often should you use purple shampoo, this article will be very helpful. Today there are hundreds of brands that promise to remove brassy highlights from hair. But the truth is that it is not always known if they really work or how they should be used.

Purple shampoos are wonderful for people with blonde or highlighted hair. These types of shampoos are designed to superficially pigment the hair when you wash it and thus remove excess yellow-orange colors from the hair.

The frequency with which you should use the purple shampoo is once a week or every 3 hair washes. If you use the purple shampoo every time you wash your hair, you will dry out your ends a lot and overpigment your hair. That’s why every third wash you should use it to keep your hair color pretty.

It is important that you use the correct shampoo and that you apply it following certain steps so that you have the best possible results. In this article I will tell you in detail all the secrets of the purple shampoo so that you tone your hair correctly.

How often should you use purple shampoo For best results

Purple shampoos are shampoos that are designed to maintain the color of highlighted hair and help it not turn yellowish. The formula of this type of shampoo is usually free of sulfates or with a certain level of acidity to help seal the color in your hair every time you wash it.

The violet color is a special pigment that is added to it so that it is deposited on the surface of the hair and visibly reduces the brassy reflections of the hair.

It is important that you know that this purple color is not a dye that will color your hair permanently. The purple color of this type of shampoo is only a pigment that will treat your hair superficially.

This means that the anti brassy effect is temporary and cannot neutralize hair that is too orange.

For this reason, it is important that you use the purple shampoo frequently to maintain the blonde color so that with each wash the color of your hair continues to improve.

Is purple shampoo the right choice for you?

Many people think that purple shampoo is a miracle remedy that will make any color of highlights look ashy.

That’s not true! Purple shampoos are only designed to work on blonde hair. The lighter your hair, the more visible its effect will be.

The results will not be the same in all people. How much it neutralizes the brassiness will depend on the color of your hair.


When the color of your hair or highlights is super light blonde, you can make the most of the effects of purple shampoo. In this type of color the hair looks almost platinum, and only has a slightly yellow reflection.

In these types of cases, if you use the purple shampoo very frequently (at least once or twice a week) your hair will look silver and super ashy. On the other hand, if you use it a couple of times a month you will simply keep the whitish blonde color in perfect condition.


If your hair is medium blonde you will be able to control the yellow highlights in your hair quite well and make it look neutralized. This type of blonde is the most common that people who have highlights have. When this color turns brassy it practically looks yellowish.

Using the purple shampoo frequently will make it possible to eliminate the yellow tones of the hair so that it looks in perfect condition. Your hair will not look excessively ashy with the purple shampoo but it will look like a neutral blonde not yellow.


If your hair looks orange, purple shampoo won’t do anything for you. This type of orange highlights usually come out when your hair has a very dark base. In this case, no matter how much you use the purple shampoo, you will not be able to eliminate the orange reflection.

This happens because the purple color is designed to neutralize the yellow reflections of the hair, not the orange ones. If you want to eliminate orange reflections, you should use a shampoo with blue pigment.

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How often should you actually use purple shampoo

Now yes, let’s see how often you should use the purple shampoo. As I mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t use purple shampoo every time you wash your hair. If you use it in each wash you will simply dry your hair and you will be able to saturate it with slightly greenish pigments.

How often you should use purple shampoo will depend on how often you wash your hair.

If you wash your hair about 3 times a week, you should use it once a week. This will be more than enough to keep the blonde color beautiful and free of yellowish reflections.

If you wash your hair less often, plan on using it once every three washes. In other words, two days you will wash your hair with your color care shampoo and on the third wash you will use your purple shampoo.

Even if you really want to tone your hair more ashy, using it more often will not make your hair more dyed. It will just dry it out more. If you want to feel your hair more ashy, you will achieve more results by applying it properly.

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How to use purple shampoo properly

In order for you to take full advantage of the toning effect, it is important that you apply the shampoo correctly. The best way to use your purple shampoo is:

  1. Wash your hair first to remove excess oils and dirt with your normal shampoo.
  2. Squeeze excess water out of your hair with the help of a towel until it doesn’t drip.
  3. Apply the purple shampoo generously all over your hair without massaging it too much so as not to activate the foam.
  4. Let it act for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Add a little water and emulsify the shampoo so that it foams and you can wash your hair normally.
  6. Use a color sealing conditioner from mid-lengths to ends and you’re good to go.

I advise you that the more nuanced you want the hair, the more you let it act. And the more matural you want the color, the less time you leave it.

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Let’s get a beautiful blonde

I hope this article has been helpful to you in knowing how often you should use purple shampoo.

For best results, don’t forget to go to the hairdresser to tone your hair every 6 weeks. This will help you keep the blonde color in perfect condition. It would be very worth it.

Never let the purple shampoo act for more than 15 minutes. I assure you that you will not see any difference in the color and you will simply dry out your hair.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. Until next time.