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Which Balayage Suit Me?

Which Balayage Suit Me

We love to change hair color and effect, but many times you may wonder which balayage suit me.

Many times we see a lot of inspiration on Instagram or in videos and TV shows, however, not everything suits us. That’s why asking the question is the right thing to do.

To answer which balayage suits you better you must know your skin tone, face shape, and how pronounced you want the effect. One of the most important details in this decision is your natural hair color. If your hair is naturally dark it is good to consider it to choose the right balayage for example the brown balayage goes very well on dark hair in all brunettes. For blondes, there is reverse balayage to give texture and a noticeable change.

The variety of styles is very large and that is why you have to be inspired and know them to find the best balayage for you.

In this article, I will give you some key points so you can choose the one that highlights your beauty and is also in trend.

Which Balayage Suit Me Better?

There are tons of different balayage out there and it can be very confusing and difficult to choose which one is right for you. Don’t worry because I will break it down in 2 ways so you can choose the one that flatters you the most and is comfortable to wear.

One of the ways to know which balayage is right for you is to think about your natural hair color. This is important because when you are very blonde or brunette it is good to give an effect that blends well.

Blending at the roots is extremely important for an elegant and luxurious balayage look. This is why it is important to choose well so that you don’t have any maintenance problems afterward. A root of a different color than the balayage color can look very tacky if this is not taken into account when growing out.

There are 3 shades to choose from within balayage:

  • The tone on the ends
  • Roots tone
  • General background color

Generally, we can find shades of honey, copper, red, brown, and fantasy. In addition to blondes, platinum, gray, and almost white. The variety of techniques and how much the effect is seen is very wide. However, I will show you what you can choose wisely to look your best.

How to know Which Balayage Suit Me?

How to know Which Balayage Suit Me

Knowing this will help you get more out of your skin tone and enhance your eyes and lips better if chosen well. When you consider the points and advantages of each one you can decide in the long run that it will look good on you but consider the maintenance.

Many people get a color that is too different from their roots and every 3 weeks they have to run to the salon for a touch-up to avoid such a marked difference. That’s why it’s best to decide wisely before you do it.

To know which balayage suits you best we will see different details that you have to consider, but the most important ones are:

  • By skin color
  • By natural hair color

With these two we will be able to give you flattering options for everyone. So you can be inspired and at the same time know which one is for you. You don’t have to decide on the spot but you can think about it and re-look at the ideas until you are sure and make up your mind.

Let’s look at each of them.

Choosing Which Balayage Suit You By skin color

We will look at the best options for the most common and general skin tones. There are many in between but to make it more practical we will look at them in a more generalized way.

There are 4 types of skin and each one of them favors different things. The names and styles of balayage are :

  • White
  • Medium
  • Brunette
  • Dark skin

It will be easier to visualize them individually to know what suits you best.Also,

#1 white

For this skin type, copper, red, fantasy, and honey tones go very well. It is better to add style by going out of your comfort zone than wearing the same or something that does not highlight your skin. You should avoid very light blonde and white tones because they tend to wash out your skin. Warm tones are the ones that will flatter you best.

The idea is for the hair to frame your face and highlight your eyes and lips so the best styles for fair skin are:

  • Honey Balayage
  • Fantasy Balayage with pink, purple, copper, magenta, and similar tones.
  • Reverse Balayage with warm tones

You can read morei n this article about what is reverse balayage.

#2 Medium skin
Choosing Which Balayage Suit You By skin color

The average skin has more amplitude because the blond tones are open to the possibilities because this skin if it accepts such tones but is never overdue.

I suggest to use:

  • honey tones
  • warm blondes
  • beige, and warm blondes.

If you opt for very white colors for the ends, make sure the roots are in medium tones to blend everything well and harmoniously highlight the ends.

Talking about all these colors may raise the question of Will Balayage Damage My Hair? You can look at the article when it can happen and how to prevent it from happening.

#3 Brunette
Choosing Which Balayage Suit You By skin color

The best balayage for brunettes are the ones with darker roots and softening to lighter colors. The best shades for medium heights are:

  • Honeys
  • Coppers and brown Balayage.
  • For lighter colors, it is better to use cooler shades more ashy and matte that combine much better.
  • Always use Balayage with money piece that frame your face with light beautifuly

Sometimes this type of tone is difficult to achieve because of the melanin load that brunette hair tends to have. However, it is possible with care and maybe in more than one session. It’s a good idea if you want to spend more hours in the salon to achieve it. This will answer the question of which balayage suit me.

You can also learn more about how to maintain blayage and colored hair.

#4 Dark skin
choosing balayage with dark skin

For this skin type, it is very good to use colors where the root blends well as for brunettes.

  • Light browns work very well.
  • Caramel shades are the best.
  • Blue Balayage. Turquoise work fantastic too.
  • Avoid reds because they tend to tan the skin. You can use pink instead.

Choosing Which Balayage Suit You By natural hair color

Choosing Which Balayage Suit You By natural hair color

It is important to know that the natural root grows from the darkest to the lightest shades. We will also divide it into 4 simple categories. This way you can easily identify them and choose which balayage suits you best accordingly.

The different shades of hair you can have are:

  • Dark Brown
  • Brown
  • Dark Blonde
  • Blonde

As you know there may be many undertones and highlights within these categories. To make it simpler and easier we will look at it in a general way. So in a few minutes, you will be able to identify yours and see what suggestions there are for you.

Learn more about Balayage hair for more details.

#1 Dark Brown
Choosing Balayage with dark brown hair

This hair color is best suited to balayage with dark roots. This maintains the naturalness of the growth and blends in very well.

Styles like:

  • Smokey balayage
  • Reverse balayage look great
  • Purple Balayage
  • Red Balayage is a good option too

You can also use dye to lighten your roots, I just suggest you don’t use too much to keep the naturalness. I also think you will appreciate the ease of maintenance. However, everything is always your choice. These tips are general but I think if you follow them they can help you to answer the question of which balayage suit me.

You can check out this brown balayage ideas article for inspiration on what colors go well with brown hair.

#2 Brown
light brown hair

The brown shade is more versatile because it is in the middle. I suggest keeping the natural tone and lightening only the ends and giving the texture with the lightening. The shades that fit great are:

  • Honeys
  • Caramel
  • Brunnete Balayage is perfect for this for this hair height
  • Platinum sections in the front and they will look great

I don’t suggest going for too much white hair in the effect because of the contrast it would have. Even brown hair is dark and shades that contrast too much can easily lose their elegance. The most beautiful and special thing about a balayage is the way the colors blend naturally.

#3 Dark Blonde
dark blonde hair

This is one of the most popular shades among women and usually has a cool reflection. For this type of shade, there are 2 options. You can keep it natural and all kinds of lightening will go well as long as you use neutral or slightly cool tones to achieve harmony.

  • Gray tones will go very well with this background.
  • Ashy blonde balayage using the toners with the number .13 shade are an excellent choice to use as they are warm and slightly cool reflection at the same time and look great with this root color.

The other option is to add a toner or dye that is slightly warm so you can use either shade. This way you can use the lightenings on very light colors like beige and white. This will answer the question of which balayage suit me.

#4 Blonde
blonde hair

Natural blonde tones are best suited for everything lighter such as whites and platinum. However, they are usually accompanied by white skin so what I recommend is to do a reverse balayage to give a dark texture at the roots to give the shade more three-dimensionality.

Instead of lightening, very fine strands of hair are pulled out to darken the hair. This is a more complex effect but done well it looks great and takes advantage of the lightness of the hair to achieve beautiful light tones.

This type of hair also goes fantastic fantasy colors like:

  • Pink Balayage
  • Purple
  • Pastel Balayage work great with this type of hair. that are more difficult to achieve but this hair allows more lightening, and these tones are a delight. If you are daring don’t hesitate to try it.


With these options to choose from, I think you will be able to find an excellent option for you taking into account everything you saw.

As you know skin color is a very positive way to find an answer. Also the natural color of your roots. When you choose based on these two aspects, I know you will be covered to decide intelligently and profitably.

I hope this article will help you get inspired and really know which balayage suit you.

Until next time.